Rousey vs Zingano is OFFICIAL for UFC182

Finally! The fight gods have spoken because after months and months heck after over a year we have the fight many fight fans want to see. That is the fight between UFC women’s batemweight champion Ronda Rousey and challenger Cat Zingano. It was announced today on UFC tonight by Ariel Hawani that what is sure to be an epic battle now has a date and that date is January 3rd 2014 @ UFC182 a ppv that is headlined by an anticipated title bought between light heavyweight champion Jon Jones & challanger Daniel Cormier
Of corse Rousey vs Zingano will be the co main

I don’t know about you but just for those two fights alone I am so hyped for UFC182? What about you guys? Are you excited for this fight announcement? Let us know by sounding off in the comments.

-Vanessa (@GreatLove91)

The Same Song – The RAW Main Event

On this past Monday’s edition of RAW, the main event featured John Cena and Dean Ambrose against Kane, Seth Rollins and Randy Orton. While the actual main event was entertaining, filled with signature moves and the top of the line in-ring action that is typically expected of the WWE, there were some sentiments on social media sites about the action being repetitive and old.

On one hand, I can see where the fans are coming from. Those superstars can be utilized in other scenarios, namely competing against other wrestlers. Why not have Ambrose go against someone like Jack Swagger or The Miz to shake things up a bit? Perhaps have Seth Rollins interfere at the end of the match rather than as an opponent against Ambrose prior to the pay-per-view? Is it necessary to have essentially the same match pairings week in and week out?

On the other hand, recurring matches can help build up a feud. The intensity increases with each respective victory and defeat. When the feud cumulates at the pay-per-view, the victory will be even more meaningful. Feuds would take months and months to reach their conclusion in the past, especially in the 80’s. However, is it necessary to have a situation like the one that took place at Battleground in which Triple H ejected Ambrose from the arena for attacking Rollins prior to their match, robbing the fans of one of the most anticipated matches of the night? Does the story lose its meaning if it’s scattered with forfeit victories?

Some may wonder if this is the dawn of an era of reverting to the classic methods of storytelling with an exciting build up or whether or not the match pairings are dragging on a bit too long. Only time will tell and the pay off will come into focus, especially with the Cena/Ambrose/Authority storyline at Hell in a Cell this Sunday. And yes. For only $9.99 on the WWE Network.


Who Was The Soldier Attacked By Rusev On RAW? Randy Orton Rumored To Be Injured


On Raw this past Monday night a soldier ran into the ring to prevent Rusev from pulling down the American Flag above the ring & Rusev laid him out with a kick to the head. The soldier was played by independent wrestler & Magnum Pro Wrestling owner Jaysin Strife. Strife has no military background. The uniform used was not an actual military uniform, but a stage costume.

There are rumors that Randy Orton was injured during the 3 on 2 Handicap Street Fight on RAW this past Monday. The rumors are that Orton was injured when Dean Ambrose dove onto the heels from the announce table. A fan in attendance said later Orton went up the the WWE trainer at ringside & said, “The ruptured disc in my back is f**ked.”

Orton’s injury has not been confirmed nut Orton did not work last night’s SmackDown tapings. Orton had previously suffered  a herniated disck during a Falls Count Anywhere Match against Bad News Barrett on the December 30th, 20111 show after Barrett pushed Orton down a flight of stairs. Orton chose rehab instead of surgery & was back in the ring just over a month later.


BREAKING NEWS: Cain Velasquez out of UFC 180


Guess it’ll be awhile before we get to see Cain Velasquez back in the octagon and further more see the “UFC heavyweight title” defended. It is being reported via that Velasquez has suffered a knee injury and will be unable to compete at UFC180

It is also be reported that the champ will undergo surgery this Thursday. Velasquez was scheduled to defend his title against Fabricio Werdum. Now however the main event will be Fabricio Wedum vs Mark Hunt

We here at VasquezSports wish Cain Velasquez a speedy recovery. What do you think about this injury and match up change. Is it time for Velasquez to forfeit the title? Let us know by sounding off in the comments.

-Vanessa (@GreatLove91)

TNA Impact Preview: 10/22/14

TNA Impact

TNA World Heavyweight Championship contract signing between (C) Lashley & Bobby Roode. Kurt Angle promises to make an announcement that will change the complexion of this match.

Bram will address his attack on Devon last week.

TNA Tag Team Championship #1 Contender 8 Team Tournament will kickoff: The Hardy’s VS EC3 & Tyrus:

WWE Slam City To Air On NickToons

WWE & Nickelodeon announced that WWE Slam City, which has been airing on the WWE Network, will begin airing tomorrow night on Nicktoons during the NickSports programming block from 9-11 pm (ET). NickSports airs every Wednesday night from 9-11 pm (ET) & features a rotating lineup of sports-themed content.


Mick Foley’s Surprise Return To Raw, Kept Secret From His Kids

Mick Foley made a surprise return to RAW last night to help promote the Hell In A Cell match between Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose. Foley interrupted them & said the match favors Ambrose.

Foley’s return to RAW was such a secret his kids didn’t even know he would be appearing. Foley’s daughter Noelle, who is training to be a wrestler & his son Dewey both tweeted about it: